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Design tips from the team at odin+Friday Home Staging

Staging is an effective tool that is used in the real estate business to design and decorate, and to show the property in the best possible way. A house that shows well can sell more quickly than homes that don’t look their best. It is not uncommon for staged houses to sell above asking price, which can provide a return of investment between 8-10%.
At odin+Friday Home Staging, we like to explain to our clients that Open Houses are kind of like a first date. You want to put your absolute best foot forward. You put maximum effort in to look great, with the hope of dazzling your date’s first impression of you.
Staging a home is like getting dressed for that first date- putting on the dress that fits perfectly, and selecting the right color to wear that makes your eyes stand out and your skin glow!

With that metaphor in mind, we would like to share some tips that we use when we help our clients prepare to sell their spaces:

-CHANGE OUT DATED LIGHTING. There are many affordable lighting options, for chandeliers, flush mounts, pendants and sconces. The polish that a new light fixture can bring to a room is tremendous, which makes this tip a big bang for the buck!

-PAINT!! A fresh coat of white paint can hide a multitude of sins, and provides an instant facelift. And in the interest of appealing to as large an audience as possible, we like to use white, or light neutral tones.

-REMOVE CLUTTER! Buyers need to not only be able to see the house, but they also need to see themselves in it. If there is too much of the seller’s personal clutter occupying the space, it becomes hard work for most people to get a sense of the place, and to picture themselves living there. And the good news- if you start to pack up now, there will be less to do when the house is sold and you are moving out.

-BASIC REPAIRS. Take a walk through your home with a handyman, and repair the “to-do list” of any of the smaller things that need fixing. We are not suggesting that a seller take on massive projects, but rather that the little things get tended to. The door that squeaks, the window that won’t open, or the broken handle on the fridge. It lets prospective buyers know that your home is ready for them to move in!

-CURB APPEAL. This won’t always require a new coat of paint on the exterior of the house, nor will it always warrant a complete makeover on the front yard. But it could call for power washing the driveway, making sure the windows are spotless, and checking to see if the trees or the garden need any pruning. It can also be a nice idea to set a pair of matching pots with plants out on either side of the door, and maybe even a cool patio armchair. Good curb appeal might mean the difference of a busy and frazzled buyer deciding to come inside the home.

-KEEP IT EXTRA CLEAN. Last but not least… This goes back to the first date metaphor. Shiny. Clean. Smelling nice. That is the feeling you want to convey- fresh and welcoming.

We hope you will find these steps to be insightful when you embark on the adventure of selling your home.

And, if you need, our team at odin+Friday can be there to help you through this process, and to assist with furniture and decor!

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