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Using Color = Adding Personality to Your Home

We find that homes with personality, which often involves strategic use of color, attracts the most attention from buyers. Here are some expert tips, tricks and examples for a vibrant home.

1. Begin With Things You Love
Find that first piece that inspires you. It can set you on the path to discovering the ideal color palette for your space. Once you have that first piece, you can expand on the color scheme and overall design from there.

2. Use Nature as Inspiration
Bits of nature and color add visual interest and good vibes to make a living space bright and fresh.

3. Realize That Mishmash Is the New Matchy-Matchy
Clashing doesn’t exist anymore and a mishmash is the way of the future, so if you want red and pink cushions, go for it.

4. Make Fabrics Your Friend
Textiles like fabrics, wall-coverings and rugs are a few of the most effective design elements that can add color, make a statement and set the tone for any space.

5. Upcycle the Unlovable
Try recovering a drab chair (or chairs) in a fabric of your choice, or paint an old side table or lamp in a bold and contemporary hue.

6. Add Fresh Flowers
Your favorite flowers will add serious good vibes to any room while enhancing your sense of peace and overall enjoyment of your space.

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