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Neighborhood Schools — How Does Yours Stack Up?

As school re-opens in the next few weeks, we are reminded of how school districts are such an important factor to potential buyers as they consider the next place to call home.

The AOTCH team has kids in every stage of education, and we keep our finger on the pulse of LA school systems — public, private and charter. We have a number of go-to resources, like, which combines reviews and analysis to uncover the good, bad, and surprising. They rate schools, neighborhoods, and the best places to live, all over the country. Add a particular school or district you’re thinking about, and you’ll get amazing info… their team of data scientists evaluates countless data sets to produce rankings, report cards, and in-depth profiles, along with millions of personal experiences that people have shared.

Found a school you love? We are able to hone in on all the available houses in that school district, within your guidelines. Live where you love and love where you live!

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